So long, thanks for all the fish!

We are really excited and happy to let you know that Public Class is no more. As of January 1st 2015, we are now a part of Department, a brand new digital studio making not only the web but the world an amazing place.

For more information and to get in contact with us please visit our new home at Department.

/Robert Sköld & Jakob Stenqvist

Google Cube Slam

Justin Bieber - Believe Movie

Hyper Island

Node.js copter

Test Devices

Amnesty - Slide to Unlock

Celebrating our latest release, Cube Slam!

Red Bull - Signature Series

Wolff Olins

Baaaam! Think before you do, @slaskis will be standing on the very same spot for a couple of more hours...

Our #nodeknockout shorts just arrived! Who wants to rumble?


We are a small shop of ever learning developers. Master web technologies as they evolve is our passion.

It's getting there! New tables coming up

Node Knockout 2012


Public Class ✈ NY ✈ Stockholm ✈ NY

RT: @fwa: New @Adobe TCEA Cube Slam | Cutting Edge award


Snapshot of the best preloader ever

Ctrl alt delete

Public Class identity



Arduino hack and playing with RCs

We love design and we take great pride in finding the best fitting technological solution. Usability and aesthetics balanced, IE fit for the future. Still nothing of this would be worth mentioning if the finished product does not look the part.

I think it's time for a beer

9-X Air

Public Class

Bjurholmsplan 24

SE–116 63, Stockholm


Phone: +46 8 641 80 11

Email: [email protected]

Here we go

Kernel panic, my old friend