Justin Bieber - #BelieveMovie

The person with most social media followers in the world in 2013, was Justin Bieber. Just by being popular every word written by him or about him would make servers fry.

We developed a site for his new movie Believe. Preview footage from the movie was locked as packages and could be unlocked by social media interactions using #believemovie. The beliebers had to tweet and post photos to Instagram to unlock new content. We created a monitoring service that acted as a aggregator for publishing fan based content to the site, and kept count on all messages and posts swirling around to automatically unlock the next package.

The tech behind the site was quite simple but extremely effective, whenever our servers handling the social media streams received new content it would generate and update static files directly on the CDN service we used. Letting the millions of visitors around the globe experience a fast loading site with their favorite artist, Justin Bieber.

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