Hello NYC, we're back! Working in Dumbo from our clients office!

Vote for BOB! cubeslam.com is nominated to the Cutting Edge award, Project of the Year at @fwa. Vote here thefwa.com/adobe/tcea/cub…


Node.js copter

CuteOverload Maki

Celebrating our latest release, Cube Slam!

RT: @fwa: New @Adobe TCEA Cube Slam http://t.co/Od0PTMmxdN | Cutting Edge award


Über espresso

WOH! RT: @awwwards: Cube Slam by Google & @NorthKingdom - Site of the Day - Awwwards buff.ly/1293b67

+ @publicclass & @DinahmoeSTHLM



Oh Hello Pebble

Our #nodeknockout shorts just arrived! Who wants to rumble?

Coming up! New game called Hex. #nodeknockout

Gosh, what a feeling. Right now > 10k PLAYING Cubeslam! Join in, play your friends, play us or play Bob!



Baaaam! Think before you do, @slaskis will be standing on the very same spot for a couple of more hours...

Rock'n'roll! #HS80m

@slaskis and I just finished off the dining table!

We just built a new kitchen while waiting for the table paint to dry

New tiles!

Thanks North Kingdom for bringing us tasty bottles with bubbles!

Goodbye kitchen tiles

We are building tables again!

Bloody awesome -> $photos = #f7f6a1 background-color rgba($photos, .6) #stylus #ftw


The gaming rigs are ready for some action

Heat sink 4 94M1N'

Snapshot of the best preloader ever

Glad midsommar! #nofilter


Schindelhauer Siegfried

Midsommar i bakluckan! @emeliebredfell @ulrikabruzelius @hermank

Beer, apparently I bought an expensive one. Limited edition one beer out of 6k bottles. Fyeah

Före snart efter


beer o'clock @hellohanky

Just visited http://t.co/jDj4CpOO on my iPhone and tried to start video, nothing happens...Silverlight or flash? Way to go @Microsoft! #fail


Ready for the upcoming weddings

Parking attendants strolling around on Segways!

Awesome football game, dressed in giant air filled beach balls

Orange juice

Ctrl alt delete

Oh hello there

Biking + lunch

Finally! Hello mighty bicycle

Semla of the year!

Kernel panic, my old friend

Here we go

New Belkin logo from @WolffOlins, great work! “@WolffOlins: http://t.co/HcsN0Yr7



Blue screen of...

Someone smashed a window at the office. Thanks a lot moron...


Christmas decoration at Public Class


@publicclass just started to rumble! Listening to Daft Punk - The grid. Untz untz untz, it's knockout time. #nodeknockout


Maki visiting

Time for SSD


Fixing bike

Funny looking wrapped car

Backyard coding in China town

Thanks Hi-ReS! NY for shipping us Semlor

It's time to go home

Emelie @publicclass


RT: @awwwards: Public Class by @publicclass - Site of the Day - Awwwards http://www.awwwards.com/web-design-awards/public-class


New string shelf system

Non random

Lunch break

@friendlytaco goes helvetica

Our new table just arrived

Rare view at the office

Alvar on a visit since it's a holiday and holidays should be spent with family